First-time buying a home?

Honestly, don't let it scare you. It's super easy and there are a ton of programs to help with closing cost and down-payments.  We are synced with today's market and how fast things move. We have added a simple process on the bottom of the page that highlights the key-points .

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3 Things to remember when you start!

1. How much can I afford?

Understanding your finances and speaking to a local loan offer is key! We have interviewed over 50 different local mortgage companies and narrowed it down to just 3 that we feel have the best products to offer. We will be happy to recommend them to you. 

2. Where do I want to live?

You would think this would be easy but there are so many factors to think about. What is important to you?

Food for thought:

  • Commute to work

  • Schools

  • Public amenities

  • Public Transportation

  • Noise

  • How long do I see myself living here


3. How fast do I want to move?

Are you currently renting?

Can you break the lease?

If we were to find the home you want today, would you be able to move in without any delays?



Have you heard about this?

Many first-time buyers qualify for assistance with down-payment and closing costs.

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